Joni Ernst for U.S. Senate

Iowa Values
I was born and raised in Montgomery County. I grew up walking beans and feeding hogs. My mom made all of my clothes. We went to church every week, helped our neighbors when they needed it, and they did the same for us. These were the values I was raised with, and they’re the same values I have fought my entire life to promote and protect.

We didn’t have much money, so I was fortunate to be able to attend college at Iowa State University with the help of academic and leadership scholarships, and earned tuition money by working construction jobs with my dad during the summer months. I met my husband Gail while in Ames. After Gail retired as a Command Sergeant Major and Army Ranger, it came time for us to settle down, and raise our own family, we knew there was only one place to go: Back home to Iowa. Today I teach Sunday school in the same church I was baptized and married in. I live in the very house where one of my best friends grew up. And when I mow our lawn, I look out at the same sidewalks and yards where we used to play.

2014 Election Results

On November 4, 2014, Joni Ernst was elected with 52% of the ballot share to represent Iowans in the United States Senate. She won with an 8.5% margin, won 75 of Iowa’s 99 counties, and all four of Iowa’s congressional districts – including her opponent’s home congressional district. Senator Ernst is the first woman elected to serve in federal office from the state of Iowa, and will be the first female combat veteran to serve in the United States Senate.

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