Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds
“I wholeheartedly endorse Joni Ernst for United States Senate. As a mother, soldier and a proven conservative, Joni has the unique qualifications, diverse background and record of accomplishment required to take our shared Iowa values to Washington in an effort to get our great nation back on track, just as we have done here in Iowa. Joni does more than just talk about the policies and values she holds dear – she fights for them. Joni Ernst is the leader we need to help represent our interests in Washington.”

Representative Rob Taylor (R – Iowa House District 44)
“As a mother, soldier and conservative, Joni has what it takes to defeat Bruce Braley next year and then bring her common-sense Iowa values to Washington D.C. I have seen firsthand the level of dedication Joni has in ensuring that government spends less and returns more dollars to hard-working Iowa taxpayers– as evidenced by her support in helping pass the largest tax cut in state history. It is for these reasons and more that I enthusiastically endorse Joni Ernst for United States Senate.”

Representative Megan Hess (R – Iowa House District 2)
“Joni Ernst is a natural leader – capable of bringing our shared Iowa values to make a real difference in Washington. In working with her in the legislature, as a state senator, Joni made it clear that seeing Iowans succeed is her priority. I am excited to be able to announce my endorsement of Joni for United States Senate. I am confident that in sending her to Washington on our behalf, she will use the skills she acquired as Montgomery County Auditor, as a soldier while defending our nation in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and as a Lt. Colonel currently commanding the largest battalion in the Iowa Army National Guard, to help get our nation back on track.”

Chad Airhart (R – Dallas County Recorder)
“As the former Director of the Waukee Area Chamber of Commerce, I thank Senator Ernst for being a leader this past legislative session, where she helped bring about the largest tax cut in Iowa’s history. Because of leaders like her, this tax cut will benefit all Iowa businesses, allowing them to grow and create jobs that will stimulate our growing economy. And as the Chairman of the Iowa Republican County Officials Association, I know that her record of accomplishment as a county auditor, and as a state senator, make her the best-qualified candidate in this race. It is for these reasons and many more that I am happy to endorse her candidacy for United States Senate.”

Former Representative Renee Schulte
“As a former State Representative, I am honored to have served alongside Senator Joni Ernst. Her kind and compassionate spirit is evident in her work caring for constituents in her community. She has a resolve and drive based on her conservative convictions to get the job done. Joni is exactly what we need in Washington DC to make the hard choices and to move America forward again. I wholeheartedly endorse Joni Ernst for the United States Senate.”

Tim Kapucian (R – Iowa Senate District 38)
“I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Joni Ernst in the Iowa Senate and am now pleased to endorse her candidacy for the United States Senate. Joni is an intelligent, hard working, down-to-earth person who has and continues to serve our state and nation both as a Lt. Colonel in the Iowa National Guard as well as a trusted public servant in the Iowa State Senate. As a mother, soldier, and a conservative, Joni will represent Iowa well and I know she has the ability and courage to bring our shared Iowa values to Washington.”

Senator Nancy Boettger (R – Iowa Senate District 9)
“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to support my colleague, Senator Joni Ernst, in her bid for United States Senate. Senator Ernst and I serve on the Appropriations, Education and Human Resources committees together, and I can say first hand that Joni is an outstanding member of the state senate who has what it takes to represent Iowans and our shared Iowa values in the United States Senate. Her commitment to her constituents and her record of accomplished service as a mother, soldier and a conservative, are remarkable examples of the type of leader Senator Ernst is, and will continue to be, in Washington. I could not be more pleased to endorse her candidacy.”

Representative Robert Bacon (R – Iowa House District 48)
“I am proud to support State Senator Joni Ernst for the office of United States Senate. I have worked with Senator Ernst the past three years in the Iowa Legislature and know her to be a true hard working Iowan. Senator Ernst reliably sticks to her conservative values, lovingly serves her family, sincerely serves our state, and patriotically serves our country. I am looking forward to voting for State Senator Ernst, knowing she will remain dedicated to working for Iowans and our values while serving in the United States Senate.”

Senator Amy Sinclair (R – Iowa Senate District 14)
“I have had the privilege to serve with Joni in the Iowa Senate. She is always thoughtful in her decision-making, and is a true patriot determined to do what is right.”

Senator David Johnson (R – Iowa Senate District 1)
“Joni Ernst will bring to the U.S. Senate the spirit of public service and not the self-service that marks much of Washington politics today. Few can match her many achievements. She’s a natural leader who is respected by her peers, both in the legislature and the military, as well as by her constituents in southwest Iowa.”

Representative Mark Brandenburg (R – Iowa House District 15)
“As a State Representative, I have seen firsthand the positive contributions Senator Ernst has made to our state legislature. She is a hard worker, dedicated to her constituents and determined to do what is right! I admire her for her service in the military, as an auditor, and legislator. She is the right person at the right time to be our next U.S. Senator. I wholeheartedly endorse Senator Joni Ernst for U.S. Senate.”

Representative Clel Baudler (R – Iowa House District 20)
“I trust what Joni says, and that’s something we’ve lost in government. We have to get it back, and Joni will do so by bringing our shared Iowa values to Washington.”

Former Representative Richard Anderson
“Do I support Joni Ernst? How can I not support Joni Ernst? She was an able county auditor and a combat soldier with active duty Middle East experience. She was raised on an Iowa farm and has good Iowa common sense. She is an effective state senator and a mom. She is likeable and she is competent. And she is not a trial attorney politician! What a great person to be Iowa’s first woman elected to federal office. Of course I support Joni Ernst!”

Representative Mark Costello (R – Iowa House District 23
“I am very confident in Joni Ernst. She’s an excellent candidate. Joni is conservative without being controversial. She is a leader of leaders and has widespread respect among those who know her.”

Representative Cecil Dolecheck (Iowa House District 24)
“I fully support Joni Ernst in the race for U.S. Senate because she has the right experience, capabilities and knowledge to best represent our shared Iowa values in Washington, DC. Joni’s military experience as an officer who has led troops into a combat zone is unique and certainly makes her stand out among this field of candidates. This record of commanding troops, as well as her ongoing responsibilities as a Lieutenant Colonel and her record of accomplishment serving Iowans as a member of the state senate have supremely qualified her to represent our great state in the United States Senate.”

Jon McAvoy (Adel City Councilman)
“Joni has demonstrated her tremendous leadership ability as a Lt. Colonel in the Iowa Army National Guard. She is committed to remaining a true Iowan and not becoming part of the ‘the beltway’ where you lose touch with the folks back home. Joni’s conservative principles will serve us well in all areas of her decision making.”

Isaiah McGee (Waukee City Councilman)
“Senator Ernst is an inspiring profile in leadership. Her ability to demonstrate leadership through action is something all those who desire to lead can learn from. I have always admired her strength in conviction, balanced by her ability to listen to varying viewpoints. Her record of service as a soldier and as a state senator are second to none. As a former county official she understands how top down policies from Washington DC are affecting our local communities. I can be rest assured that as a mother, Senator Ernst shares a common set of principled values and will help protect Iowa’s future for our kids.”

Senator Hubert Houser (R – Iowa Senate District 11)
“Joni Ernst is the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate best equipped to take on, and defeat, Bruce Braley in 2014. As a mother, soldier, conservative and state senator Joni has already proven that she has the toughness, smarts and fortitude to do what is most needed right now – to take our proven Iowa values to Washington and get things fixed. While others may talk about their supposed ‘Iowa values’ – Joni Ernst truly embodies them. I am proud to add my name to her growing list of supporters.”

Former State Senator Shawn Hamerlinck
“Senator Ernst shows exceptional leadership and integrity in both the U.S. Military and the Iowa Senate. We have a wonderful opportunity to finally see this type of representation in Washington. We can all agree it is desperately needed at this pivotal time.”

Carol Robertson (Mills Co. Auditor)
“I have had the pleasure of working with Joni as a County Auditor and serving with her as an officer on the Iowa State Association of County Auditors. Joni was a true asset as an Auditor for our organization. As a state senator, she has been instrumental in helping Iowa move forward. I also believe Joni’s extensive military background will be an incredible asset in the U.S. Senate. I personally worked with Joni in her capacity as Lieutenant Colonel in the Iowa National Guard during the flooding in 2011 in Southwest Iowa. She was there everyday on the levies and worked with local government agencies as well as Emergency Management to assist in every way possible to aid those involved. Joni, a true conservative and the true definition of Iowa values, definitely has my vote and I have no doubt that she will earn the vote of many others and ultimately represent Iowa in the United States Senate.”

Renee Twedt (Story County Treasurer)
“As the Story County Treasurer, I have had the privilege of working with State Senator Joni Ernst over the course of the last 3 years while serving as a legislative liaison. I found that Joni is a leader who is wholeheartedly focused on delivering service and value to the taxpayers. She thoroughly understands the rules, regulations and processes. She has and will continue to fight and defend the values that make America and Iowa great. I strongly endorse Ms. Joni Ernst in the race for United State Senate.”

Representative Dean Fisher (R – Iowa House District 72)
“I am endorsing Joni Ernst for the United States Senate because I am confident that she will be a strong conservative voice for Iowa in Washington. Joni’s resume is filled with accomplishments. Her rank as a Lt. Colonel in the National Guard demonstrates that she has the experience and leadership skills that will serve Iowa well in the U.S. Senate. Joni has demonstrated in the Iowa Senate that she will stay true to her conservative values. We need someone with courage and strong conservative values in Washington now more than ever, and Joni Ernst is that person.”

Senator Dan Zumbach (R – Iowa Senate District 48)
“There may be some very good candidates that show up in this race. However I need to support the one who can represent the people in my district including me. Joni has the values, ethics, and compassion a U.S. Senator needs. Her military experience will give her the strength to make hard decisions. Her experience as a mother will allow her to reach across the aisle. With this in mind I am supporting Joni Ernst as the candidate for U.S. Senate.”

Senator Ken Rozenboom (R – Iowa Senate District 40)
“I am delighted to endorse Joni Ernst to represent Iowa in the United States Senate. Yes, she is a caring mother, a military leader and a proven conservative. More than that, she is a wonderful person who always lives the Iowa values of honesty, integrity and hard work. I am proud to call Joni a colleague and a friend. Iowans will soon be proud to call Joni their U.S. Senator.”

Former Senator Larry McKibben (R – Iowa Senate District 22)
“I am extremely pleased to be endorsing Joni Ernst for this crucial U.S. Senate seat. Joni is the only candidate with a proven conservative record and she has the credentials to take on and defeat Bruce Braley next fall. I look forward to doing all I can to help Joni win this nomination and ultimately this Senate seat in November.”

Representative Dave Deyoe (R – Iowa House District 49)
“As a farmer and legislator, I enthusiastically endorse Republican State Senator Joni Ernst in her campaign for U.S. Senate. Joni remains committed to her conservative principles and has proven to be a great ally to Iowa farmers and the agricultural industry as a whole. A farm girl herself, Joni will take our Iowa values to DC and represent our entire state, Iowa farmers, and the entirety of our agriculture community with great honor and distinction. I am proud to be joining Team Joni.”

Representative Jack Drake (R – Iowa House District 21)
“I am pleased to endorse mother, soldier and proven conservative, Joni Ernst, in the race for United States Senate. Like me, Joni grew up on a farm in southwest Iowa. Accordingly, in the state senate she has fought for our agriculture industry not just because it is important to our state’s economy but also because the men, women and families who comprise the industry are her friends, family, neighbors and constituents. Her leadership experience and common sense as a county auditor are also great assets for Iowans. I know when Joni gets to Washington she will bring a good dose of our proven Iowa values to help turn things around and could not be prouder in offering her my full support.”

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