Joni Ernst Wants to Secure Social Security

Joni Ernst Wants to Secure Social Security
Bruce Braley’s Social Security Plan: Let It Go Broke

Des Moines, IA – Democratic Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Braley has no plan to save Social Security from going broke. While Braley looks for election year photo opportunities and tries to score cheap political points with his empty rhetoric, the over 600,000 Iowans on Social Security and those who are already paying toward the system in hopes that it will be there when they reach retirement face the prospect of cuts due to his continued delay and inaction. Bruce Braley should be ashamed.

Joni Ernst has repeatedly said on the issue of Social Security, “I believe that we must first and foremost protect the promises made to our seniors, like my own mom and dad, and those middle class parents who are already paying into the system on their own pathway toward retirement. But we need real solutions for those young workers about to enter the workforce in order to ensure this safety net is there for future generations that include my own daughter and grandchildren.”

She continued by saying, “The Braley Social Security Plan is to let it go broke. Instead of having an honest conversation that involves a public debate of solutions, Bruce Braley would rather use it as a political talking point to get elected. We need a solution, not Bruce Braley’s typical Washington ‘do nothing’ approach that only guarantees the system will go broke. Bruce Braley, what’s your plan to secure Social Security for future generations of Iowans?”

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